Lodging Leaders Interview

 I was interviewed by John Albano with the Lodging Leaders Podcast at the end of 2018. We had a great discussion about how managers can go about building the best team, how to give purpose to employees day to day work, some of the roadblocks that managers deal with in training or developing their teams, and how to build a strong internal culture – one where employees are raving fans of what they are doing.

The Goals of Service Recovery

In spite of our best efforts, there will be times where service recovery is needed. As a manager, either you or your team will be cleaning up a service mistake and your success in minimizing the volume of issues that occur along with how your recovery efforts affect your business fall squarely on understanding the bigger picture.

Travel Etiquette - How Much Should You Tip A Hotel Housekeeper?

Housekeeping is incredibly tough, physical work. They pick up after people, clean up after parties, (hopefully) get those crumbs from under bed so you never see them, and are generally tasked with making a room that has probably seen hundreds of guests, feel pristine as if like you’re the first person to ever set foot in there.