Which Is More Important, Product or Service?


The answer is obvious right? You know I’m going to say service. There are countless articles, studies and surveys that prove this. But here’s the issue, while we all KNOW this to be true, so many businesses put massively unbalanced effort against making sure that the product is as good as it can be, while missing the whole point by not prioritizing their front line, negating much of the efforts put towards the product in the first place.

Training and resources aimed at improving service are high on the list of priorities but are rarely actioned at a level that matches their supposed importance. The reality is that recruiting is hard, finding an internal qualified person who has the time to do the training is difficult and keeping the learnings alive in a busy environment simply gets pushed to the side.

There are plenty of excellent providers out there that do exactly what you need

Your product is your money maker but your service will convert customers to buyers and promoters of your business. If the service isn’t on point, or the proper resources aren’t deployed against your customers, that new suite, or new dish in the restaurant won’t even have a chance to be seen. Customers will have already made a judgement about your business/product and then you’ve lost.

If your business talks a good game about giving people the tools or training they need to improve service but doesn’t actually take the appropriate actions to make it happen, your words and actions aren’t aligned. You’re not being congruent, and that is the first crack in the foundation of building and maintaining strong, high-performing teams. If your reviews are suffering and the talk around the table is all about improvement, the first thing that needs to be done is to take a critical look at what tangible and intangible actions the leadership team has taken to help the front line team deliver.

No one said it was easy - in fact many aspects of hospitality are as difficult and complex as ever. That’s why you need to look at the benefits of bringing in outside help to fill in the gaps when appropriate. There are plenty of excellent providers out there that do exactly what you need. This isn’t a sales pitch… I lived in this world for many years, it’s only now that I’ve had time to get above the fray that I have some clarity and perspective on the matter. I look back at the years of pushing to make the front line as good as it could be and more often than not, the best bang for my buck was to bring in a contractor to help in the areas where we did’t have the people or time resources available, which brought the number of directions I was being pulled down to a manageable 999.

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