We offer a wide range of tailored customer service training courses and hospitality consulting services to suit any hotel or hospitality focused business.

Some of our employee training and consulting services include:

Service Fundamentals

Our signature staff training program provides your team with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to provide excellent customer service.

The program will help:

  • Assess guest service attitudes and areas for improvement

  • Drive improvement in satisfaction scores and online reviews

  • Create raving fans of your business who return again and again

  • Make heroes out of your team members

The program has three parts:

The Fundamentals of Excellent Guest Service

Starting at the beginning, from personal presentation to guest interaction. This course will set new team members up for success, remind the veterans of the basics that may have been forgotten over the years and get the team aligned to improve customer review scores.

How to EMOTIONALLY Engage with your customers

A deep dive into the customer relationship and how to tailor individual interactions. This course will help your team members master their interpersonal relationships and build confidence and enthusiasm throughout the property.

21 Actionable steps for Excellent Guest Service

With tips and tricks to enhance service and create raving fans, this course will re-enforce a culture of professional, friendly, and memorable customer interactions.

Each two-hour course builds on the previous one and is customized to your specific needs. For the most impactful experience, we spread the courses over several months, giving employees the time to put learnings in to practice.

We see the best results when classes are capped at 20 people and made up of employees from multiple departments. This allows them to gain a better understanding of the entire customer journey.

Don’t need all three courses? No problem - Each course can be presented as a standalone class.

Preparation for Forbes and AAA Evaluations

We have worked with these rating agencies for years and have a deep understanding of what it takes to get your hotel ready. From ensuring the physical plant is up to par to employee training and interaction and mystery shops, we can get you ready for that next official evaluation.

Secret Service Audits / Mystery Shop

Even if you’re not preparing for a formal evaluation, we can provide mystery shops and evaluations to ensure your team is performing at a high level even when the boss is away.

Our Mystery Shops can uncover a world of valuable information that you may have never known about. Our trained, experienced secret shoppers are on the look out for the small things that matter; the ones that could make a customer experience outstanding or a not so great one.

Underage, Over-serving and Cash Handling

Want to test your staff? We have fully trained, fresh faced actors (over 21 yrs old) who can visit your business regularly and assess them to see if your staff serves a minor and/or an intoxicated customer. We will also audit the cash handling and liquor pouring practices at the bar to ensure everything is as it should be.

We supply a written report after every visit so that you can keep track and see trends as they occur. This service could contribute towards not getting stung with that expensive fine or worse, losing your liquor license. 

Emergency Preparedness and Manual Review

We can assess staff readiness to handle emergency situations and provide training on what to do in an emergency. This two hour course will equip your team with the knowledge they need for what to do in the event of a fire, earthquake, medical emergency or other situations that arise. We will also review your operational emergency manual and can provide updates or complete rewrites if needed.

Develop Service Standards

Your staff needs to know what is expected of them to do their jobs and this starts with having service standards. Think of service standards as the “how-to’s” of interacting with customers and how your team represents your business. If you’re struggling with training your staff or your customer reviews are down, effective service standards are the crucial first step in turning those issues around.

Up Sell Training for Front Desk and Food & Beverage staff

Upselling is critical to your profit. Every additional dollar you bring in flows to your bottom line and if your staff knows how to do it effectively, it can be a game changer for your business. We ensure your current pricing strategy is conducive to upselling and teach your team the most effective skills and strategies to convert potential buyers. Not to be forgotten, we also teach your managers how to set goals and drive lasting performance.

Food & Beverage Cost Analysis

Every percentage point in food or beverage cost affects your profit. You could be losing thousands of dollars a year because of too much waste, over-pouring, not buying the most cost effective product, poor menu planning or because your supplier is charging you too much.

Restaurant Interiors and Layout

Activating your restaurant floor space in a thoughtful manner, driving as much revenue per square foot as possible while also ensuring traffic flow and operational ease of use is a tricky balance. We’ve worked with dozens of restaurants and bars during construction/renovation and when in full operation to optimize this balance, resulting in higher revenue and happier staff.

Procurement and Product Knowledge

Ensuring that your purchasing practices are optimized, that you’re buying from the right suppliers and getting the right prices, and in some cases, buying as part of a larger block of businesses to lower your costs.


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